Senate Committee on Agriculture

2023 Tentative Calendar of Bill Hearings

(Does not include potential informational hearings)


January           4        Legislature reconvenes.

January         16        Holiday.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


February         7      *Hearing.

February       17        Last day to introduce bills.

February       20        Holiday.  President’s Day.

February       21      *Hearing.


March             7      *Hearing.

March           21      *Hearing.

March           21        California Agriculture Day

March           30        Spring Recess begins at end of this day’s session.

March           31        Holiday.  Cesar Chavez Day.


April             10        Legislature reconvenes.

April             18      *Hearing.  Deadline hearing, fiscal Senate bills. (April 28 deadline).


May                2      *Hearing.  Deadline hearing, non-fiscal Senate bills. (May 5 deadline)

May              12        Last day Policy Committees meet prior to June 5.

May              29        Holiday.  Memorial Day.

May        30-6/2       Floor session only.         


June                2        Last day for bills to pass house of origin.

June                5        Committee hearings resume.

June                5      *Hearing.

June              19      *Hearing.                                                                                                                                               

July                 3        *Hearing. 3:00 p.m. or upon the Call of the Chair, 1021 O Street, Room 2100

                                  Last scheduled hearing. Deadline hearing, fiscal & nonfiscal Assembly bills. (July 14 deadline)

July                 4        Holiday.  Independence Day.

July               14        Last day for Policy Committees to meet.

July               14        Summer Recess begins at end of this day’s session, pending passage of the budget. 


August          14        Legislature reconvenes.


September      4        Holiday. Labor Day.

September 5-14        Floor session only.

September      8        Last day to amend bills on the floor.

September    14        Last day to pass bills. Interim Study Recess begins at end of this day’s session.


October         14        Last day for governor to act.


January           3        Legislature reconvenes.


*NOTE:  Hearing dates are potential hearing dates. We will not meet on all dates shown.


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